Monday, 5 December 2011

Scared Stiff-Sam meets Fun Fear

Whoopee!! 12th Feb 1977

Its nice of Robert to mention Mike Lacey the artist for Scared Stiff-Sam...for a second I thought the two artists drew this strip..But Robert drew it all..


Bruce Laing said...

Great find, Peter.

It's rare for the Fun-Fear owner to both win and lose at the same time. (he got Sam's money, but ended up having to use the money to pay for the damages Sam made :lol: )

Niblet said...

Great strip - thanks for posting it.

garrador said...

I remember these Fun Fear strips, one with a really screwed up story about a pottery making monster that runs out of clay so puts a kid on his wheel and molds him into a vase which he declares a failure and is about to smash it.