Wednesday, 30 November 2011

UPDATEJim Petrie's Minnie the minx with a shop named after him Petrie and Spencer!

title panel changed..But notice the name in the second panel..:0)

Beryl the Peril with Minnie the minx 1981 annual

Jim never signed his Minnie the minx page except the last one he did in 2001...But he has sneaked it in this 60's reprint strip..

Again brilliant action and movement..check out panel 5 of Minnie collecting grub quickly..great visual!! Today's comic artists can learn from Jim..

From the same annual...Heres that name again.I wonder if that is what Jim Petrie looked like in the 60's? :)

Ken Reid also used to add his name to shop fronts in say Roger the Dodger so its at least nice of DC Thomson to let the artist name appear in the strip in a subtile way..mind you in the Power comics (Pow!, Smash! Wham! etc..) most artists were free to sign there strip in the 60's...though some artists didn't?


George Shiers said...

I cant see his name in the helping hand comic strip??

George Shiers said...

Oh wait! I see it now! And in the very first sentance as well! .... arkward...

But seriously he's a great artist - especially at fast moving scenes

Anonymous said...

I didnt see Jim's signature in either of these strips, surely a mention of "Mr Petrie" in standard font wouldnt count as a signature