Sunday, 13 November 2011

See the first Sammy Shrink thanks to Phil Rushton!!:)

Dave Jenner (Punch and Jimmy artist from The Beano of the 60's) started the strip..
So that is how Sammy got his name...he shrank!!!

Here's the "origin" of Sammy Shrink from Wham! 118.

As Terry Bave explains in his autobiography 'A Line in Chuckles' Sammy Shrink was his first professional comic strip assignment. The editor of Wham! told him it was the least popular strip and on the verge of cancelation when he took it over with no.151 - yet it went on to be his longest-running character. To begin with he was asked to ghost the original artist in order to maintain continuity, but over time he was allowed to inject more and more of his own style.
Phil Rushton

Terry Bave's first official Sammy Shrink.

Here's Terry's first published Sammy Shrink strip, as reproduced in the first section of his autobiography when it appeared in the Winter 1985 issue of Golden Fun. Strictly speaking it wasn't his first attempt, however, as he was so dissatisfied with how that turned out he tore it up and started again.
Phil Rushton

Pow! and Wham! 31st Aug 1968 no.85 back cover.. Terry Bave

Knockout 3rd Feb 1973 an early Sammy Shrink when it started again in Knockout..

Whizzer and chips incorporating Knockout 30th June 1973
The first Whizzer and chips Sammy Shrink when Knockout merged with the comic..

Whizzer and chips 4th June 1988 When Sammy could get bigger or smaller!!

All quotes and the two images are from comicsuk forum link below..a part 2 of this topic will follow sometime..Terry Bave in Golden Fun!

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