Friday, 11 November 2011

Better late than never..Bonfire night issue Cracker's Happy Harry and Sister Sue by Reg Parlett

thanks to the excellent often read and reread book The Comic art of Reg Parlett 60 years of comics by Alan Clark I can bring you this gem..
also note the message underneath...Todays Beano and Dandy did celebrate the fireworks night in the biggest way ina long time:)

After hearing about someone swinging a cat by the tail on youtube...cruelty was around in 1936 the poor dog having a fire cracker tied to his tail...also it shows the danger of making fireworks!!!!

I love the rockets used as panel breaks to the page and the cheerful faces on them and the title panel is delightful..

Theres some great early comic firework fun here..

Theres been some really good stuff at comicsuk forum recently which I'll touch on soon....I recommend you have a look for yourself..

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