Thursday, 27 October 2011

Happy Birthday Leo Baxendale..

From Beezer book first one...
Look at the great different perspective Leo has done for this busy page..also not too over crowded But you're always seeing new things each time..
I so want a book collected together of the Banana Bunch poster pages! :)

Thank you Leo for some great comic work to enjoy over and over again...
Cheers to you Sir!!! :)

My favourite comic artist of all time has to be Leo Baxendale
with Tom Paterson following straight after..

See Lew's blog as well..

Blimey! Its another blog about comics!: Leo Baxendale 81 today: Today is the 81st birthday of the great Leo Baxendale, the original artist and creator of The Bash Street Kids , Little Plum , and Minnie the minx...

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