Monday, 3 October 2011

Charles Griggs The Dandy's Korky the cat comic covers..and the first Charles drew of Korky

Very early Charles Korky..

A nice perspective picture..

What a striking page layout!

This is a Classic Korky..what glee he has with that fish!

What an amazing octopus!! A bit like the annual one we saw in the last post..Charles sure draws them strange looking..

As you can see Korky could do some great eye catching covers..

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Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe

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I'm a free-lance Pet Artist, Cartoonist and Big UK humour comic fan My main website If you would like me to draw your pet please email me at I use your photo and will draw it on High Quality The Langton watercolour A4 paper and using Faber Castell black pencil. Commissions in black and white I like to draw close ups of the pets face and body rather than drawing the whole pet. My fee for this service is £30. Postage and Packaging £5 It was be presented mounted. For other sizes or you want it in colour using acrylics please email me.

-Baby Elephant

-Baby Elephant


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