Thursday, 6 October 2011

Jim Petrie's the first official Minnie the minx he did for The Beano

The Beano 3rd June 1961
Here is the first one. I'm sure Jim had ghosted a few Minnies before But this is when it became weekly in The Beano..which amazingly Jim drew for 2000 issues!! up to 2001! What a brilliant artist....see a reprint of 1966 Minnie in todays Beano and just be in awe...also Jim is coming out of retirement one more time(hopefully more;) ) to draw a Fatty Fudge page which is of course a character from Minnie.

Lets have a closer look at this in more detail..
Jim is obviously a good letterer as he does many variations on the titles through the years..
I love the figure work throughout he knows how to put the body in different angles. The pose of Minnie in the head dress a real 3D postion..very solid looking..strong.
In the totem pole there looks like Wilfred!
Its fun seeing how times have changed e.g the light bulb being used for the shaver socket!!
Again the Dad in the chair is shown in two panels in different ways..nothing is flat!
Love the gag of the bird using pan pipes!!:)
Another note is that Minnie isn't in every panel and somtimes hidden a bit with just a face or hat showing..lots of variations...
As noted before every expression is different in each panel..
A good use of the rake in the last panel to break up the foreground and background..

What a beginning!!

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