Sunday, 2 October 2011

Charles Grigg's Korky the cat Dandy Annual covers and title pages

1961 one of the first by Charles Griggs

I love the cover with the sweets..;))

Charles did some great title pages as well..

Heres an unusual cover which carrys on in the inside covers and back to the conclusion at the back cover...with Korky attacked by a dog..

Korky works well as he is very cat like...very memorable face..the blacks really show up well on a cover like Biffo the bear was for The Beano..

Biffo and Korky were Disneyesque in looks and intention; classically-depicted characters destined to run for decades.

Their 'inherent blandness' [to some] nevertheless gave reassurance to generations of readers.

There was no real personality in there, [well, maybe a wee bit with Korky, who could be mischevious on occassion] but it didn't matter; they were instantly-recognizable and iconic.

Mickey Mouse has no real personality either, but he's the most famous cartoon character on the planet, and has been for decades Spy
I like this quote from Spy a lot...he is right they are very Disney in there look and appeal..quote from link..

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Anonymous said...

I love these retro designs, really brings back memories from when I used to collect as a kid!