Friday, 30 September 2011

UPDATED Peter Ford's Tv Action's Dad's Army thanks to Phil Rushton

Here's an example of Kids' Army from Tops no.2:

I know it's only tangentially related to David Croft but the Dad's Army connection is specifically mentioned in the header (in fact it's the only thing that really justifies the strip's inclusion in a comic based around TV shows and personalities). Also it's exceptionally well drawn imho; anybody recognize the artist?

- Phil Rushton

...And finally, in spite of this supposedly being a non-comics discussion, here's an example of Bill Titcombe's version of Dad's Army from TV Comic, followed by a page of Hi De Hi from TV Tops:
Phil Rushton

In keeping with the tribute to David Croft here is Dad's Army from TV Action comic.

Drawn by Peter Ford.

Its lovely seeing new adventures of this comedy series in the comics...this is what is good with the comic medium.

Dad's Army was also in Tv Comic.

As for spin-off series you might want to check out 'Kids' Army' from DC Thomson's Tops.

- Phil Rushton


david cuzik matysiak said...

david cuzik matysiak

drew hi de hi fot tv tops

David Cuzik Matysiak said...

Hi De Hi from TV Tops

was drawn by

david cuzik matysiak..

photos of the cast were

taken by themselves for

refererence...and sent to

the editor of tvtops

harry watson..