Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bert Felstead's Jack and Jill comic's The Happy days of Teddy and Cuddly

Jack and Jill 28th Jan 1961
I love this story...

Parents today should buy old nursery comics like Jack and Jill from ebay and read them to there children or with them..
Junior comics today are just boring, badly drawn or just photos of the tv character and very simple activities mags and have very little in story telling or good fun art picture stories..just an idea:)

Jack and Jill 16th March 1962
You can see Bert 'Fel' Felstead signature...

Bert Felstead drew this strip as well as Hugh McNeill


wayne thompson said...

Beautiful artwork a real pleasure to see pages like that.

John M. Gilheany said...

Something about nursery comics seems more 'under the radar' of appreciation from comic enthusiasts than superheroes or sci-fi and I'm as guilty as anyone else.

If we talk of comics as undervalued art then surely this particular genre is a glaring example and as you say, so much more creative and skillful in appearance to that produced by contemporary illustrators via digital shenanigans.