Saturday, 10 September 2011

Solano Lopez's Score and Roar's Nipper thanks to Steel Claw!

NIPPER - Appeared in all 41 Issues of SCORE 'n' Roar No.1 (Sep 19th 1970) To (June 26th 1971) and made the merge to SCORCHER AND SCORE (July 3rd 1971)Steel Claw

See Steel's site on Score and Roar and the other characters here..


John M. Gilheany said...

I remember the strip still going strong in Tiger during the mid-80's.

I won't bore you with the tragedy of selling my collection some years back but was reminded of Hot Shot Hamish who started out in 'Scorcher'.

By around 1984 his 'hot-shots' had become splendidly ludicrous (like a striker meets Captain Hurricane!) and I was wondering if yourself, or anyone following your blog might be able to rescue a few of those fine panels from an attic or somewhere...

Peter Gray said...

I don't have any Hot-shot looking through the few Scorchers I have..

There is a book on Hsmish though with reprints which came out last year or so..

John M. Gilheany said...

Yeah, I seem to recall flipping through it in Waterstone's and the strips being really early too.

By the mid-80s the 'Hot-shot'' had become something like one of Faceache's 'scrunges' - a wild cariciture with the goalie diving for cover, nets bursting etc

Anonymous said...

I really like Nipper and I have a question...
Did you may know who drew Nipper after Solano Lopez?
That would mean anyone who is drawing from the end of 1974.
Thanks in advance.