Monday, 12 September 2011

Jack and Jill's Bert Felstead Fliptail the otter

This is a reprint from Jack and Jill comic 11th April 1981..

I wonder if the story carried on with a big mess in the house caused by those two..

this as a good guess is by Bert Felstead..UPDATE it is the Otter&cat=all&bool=phrase

..just love the little animals in the background..oooh this is just so could eat it:) it makes me feel very young reading these..

also love the art in Katie Country Mouse..anyone know the artist..couldn't see it at Look and Learn..the style must be similar to another strip..

My favourite Felstead strip (though he wasn't the only one to draw it) was Fliptail the Otter, which not only featured delightful colouring but also included some beautifully realistic wildlife art alongside the more cartoonish characters such as Fliptail himself.

Here's an example taken from my own collection of original art which didn't cost me anything like as much as that Leo page. Of course there are many more pages on display at the excellent Look & Learn site.
Phil Rushton.

lots more to see here at Look and Learn site..

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