Monday, 21 November 2011

UPDATE!!!Pup Parade the Bash Street dogs and cats!! the early days..

Hi Peter,
Here's the whole of the first Bash Street Dogs! The little red notice was on the corner of The Bash Street Kids story, next to the puppet
of Danny.


Thanks George it is soo different the strip back then...great to see the whole thing..:))

Gordon Bell's first Pup Parade and they look very different...they were more doggy hat for Bones said Jonny Whizz and as said by Digifiend at comicsuk forum they didn't seem to have names then..

Heres David Sutherland's version in The Beano book 1969..also the Bash Street Cats...its interesting to think if the cats were the ones that took off in The Beano comic instead!

Christmas Beano 1968..
Heres my earliest Beano comic I have to the date of the first Pup Parade this is Gorden Bell's version of the cats as well in the story..
Bid for the first Pup Parade Beano 1967 16th December..

Thanks Phil for a glimpse of the first one


Anonymous said...

what issue/annual is the blob street dogs strip from?

Peter Gray said...

Beano book 1969

George Shiers said...

To be honest, I prefer the Bash Street Cats to the dogs - a but more humerous! I think there would have been many more stories if it had been cats who took off!

George Shiers said...

Oh and I've got the whole of the first Bsh Street Dogs, I can scan it in for you if you want - what's your email? Or you can email me at:

Peter Gray said...

My email is

would be nice to see the whole story..thanks..