Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Jim Petrie in the Christmas Beano and look out for my initials Jim has added..P.G!!!

Thanks Jim it made my year!!:)

Get the Christmas Beano today..

Jim still got it..

See vase in first panel in gold letters..
Peter Gray


George Shiers said...

Wow! You got your name in a comic! I'd love to do that!

Nice to Jim back, wish he'd stay though :(

I'd also like to get in touch with him, does he have a website or anything?

Peter Gray said...

He has my website on his comic work and here at the blog..

I'm sure he will see your comment below and email you...he isn't on the computer all the time..

George Shiers said...

Really? That's so cool :D

Just to put it out there if he does read this my email is:

I didn't realise there was a competition so didn't get a chance to enter :(

1000MB said...

Hi Peter I love your site I absolutely love old comics. It was nice of the Beano to recognize such a wonderful artist and I wish he could still draw Minnie, although the artist who draws her now make it look like it was Jim Petrie's work. I have a comic website and would love some help with it if you are interested email me at


jim petrie said...

HNY, Peter, Thats U in the Vase giving the Peace sign. The person with the distintive chin (same pic) is Craig F. Iadded him in many times when drawing Minnie!! VG blog Peter JIM

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the extra info Jim...very funny that is Craig..

Peace man:)