Monday, 19 December 2011

Whoopee Christmas covers

1974 there was no whoopee Christmas issue due to printer strike see comments thanks Bruce..

Robert Nixon

1976 Need scan of this issue please..

robert Nixon

1978 there was none due to industrial action at the printers see comments below..thanks Bruce for info..

1979 need scan of this issue please..

Robert Nixon

Nick Baker

Mike Lacey

David Mostyn (Snack-man artist)

Robert Nixon
1984 last Christmas issue (theres a better not ripped issue at Lew Stringer's blog under Christmas Whoopee 1984!!)

All these covers are so eye catching and full of Christmas fun..


Bruce Laing said...


There was no Christmas 1978 issue due to industrial action IPC's printers at the time, which saw not only Whoopee! but also Cheeky disappear off the shelves for the bulk of December 1978.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks brce also forgot i need the 1974 Christmas Whoopee cover as well

Bruce Laing said...

An update.

From the Whoopee! index that appeared recently on ComicsUK, it is also revealed that there was also no Christmas 1974 edition because of the same problems that affected the 1978 issues (printers going out on strike.)

As a result, the next Whoopee went on sale on 18/1/75, and the last from 1974 was dated 21/12/74, exactly 37 years ago to the date today. :(