Thursday, 29 December 2011

Giles the master super RNLI Christmas card..

I love Giles and he must of influanced many comic cartoonists over his time...he has inspired me..

I always love his naughty children he does and busy pictures...also the extra detail when you find them it makes you laugh out loud!! (which I often do!)

The picture above is funny But also beautiful..Giles is the king of drawing all different weathers..I love his snow scenes ...his depth he puts into a picture.. his brick basically everything is great..:)

The amount Giles drew and the quality..SPEECHLESS!!

Giles is online..But I recommend you buy a book on ebay you won't regret it..
The image also shows how brave and strong these men are..going out in all weathers..lets support the RNLI..we might need them one day..

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