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World-wide Weirdies Whoopee! 1977

117) 5th February 1977
These images are from a another amazing drawing..

119) 19th February 1977
A very horrible sight...

122) 12th March 1977

127) 16th April 1977

130) 7th May 1977
I like this one..

131) 14th May 1977
love the monster tadpoles swimming in the sky

132) 21st May 1977
This is a good one..I like the feet..

133) 28th May 1977

134) 4th June 1977

135) 11th June 1977 Jubilee issue

136) 18th June 1977
spooky..could imagine this in a theme park..

137) 25th June 1977

a more fun one..

Its been great relooking at Whoopee!! with other top gems..
Reg Parlett in Creepy car..Fun Fear and Orrible Hole.
Also Super Mum by Dicky Howett
Lots of Mike Lacey in Bumpkin Billionaires...Kid's Court and Scared Stiff Sam.
Scream Inn by Brian Walker..also top work from Terry Bave...Tom Paterson..Robert Nixon..Nick Baker..Sid Burgeon..
Whoopee!! is just the best!!

138) 2nd July 1977

139) 9th July 1977

140) 16th July 1977
Love the creepy sand faces...

141) 23rd July 1977
Very creepy...eeeek!! what an atmosphere..

142) 30th July 1977
Quite an amazing image...

143) 6th August 1977

144) 13th August 1977

145) 20th August 1977
I love this much humour and lots going the scared ghost on the ghost train.

146) 27th August 1977

147) 3rd September 1977
I love Charles Dickens books and this is my favourite one...probably as the characters are very cartooney and over the a good one for Ken Reid to do.

10th Sept 1977

126) 8th October 1977
Love the plane with real teeth and smoke out its nostrails.

22nd October 1977

129) 29th October 1977
Love the green jester in the sky...also I've seen this building...

5th Nov 1977

131) 12th November 1977

132) 19th November 1977

136) 17th December 1977

26th Nov 1977

135) 10th December 1977
Love the fiery mouth of the house...

24th Dec 1977

31st Dec 1977

John Gilheany said...
Ken Reid should have received a knighthood or something. If he'd chosen a more 'respectable' medium that would probably have been the case.

17 June 2009 17:52
Anonymous said...
amazing....i got £2 for the fright house one; I remember I sent in something based on what I thought the Whitehouse looked like, so bore no relation Kens great finished drawing!
Really good to see it again and takes me back to being a 11

2 February 2011 13:40
Peter Gray said...
Thats the one I glad you inspired the initial idea..

Alway fun hearing from readers who won these competitions..

2 February 2011 19:31

John said...
Hi Peter, my name is John from Australia, and I only discovered your blogspot recently and I am enjoying your posts, and of course, your comic collections. As a comic collector for over 40years, I am appreciating so much more in British comics through web blogs such as yours. Keep up the great work and passion. The World-Wide Weirdies has been great to see as I was unaware of this wonderful and creative work of Ken Reid.

12 June 2009 12:19
Peter Gray said...
Thats the idea of the show a new generation or other countries our British comic talent...
Also you get to see my new cartoons:)

Thanks John your comments have made my day!

12 June 2009 17:47
blackpuddingbertha said...
I am a massive fan of Ken Reid now! Funnily enough his work really used to disturb me as a kid (in a good way mind you) but now I am able to really appreciate it!

Loving these!

John M. Gilheany said...
Astonishing and inimitable as ever although perhaps a nod to Dastardly and Mutley in the top picture!

I seem to remember either a Krazy or Monster Fun annual from the early '80's which featured a fully painted double-page spread by K.R. on pages 2-3 - of a guided tour around London where all the main monuments were given the '' treatment. I further recall that it may have been reprinted from a summer special.

I wonder what IPC did with all the artwork?

A worse horror than anything depicted by Ken Reid is reputed to have befallen Joe Colquhoun's original art for Charley's War which was used to soak up water from a burst central heating pipe!!!

20 June 2009 14:34
Peter Gray said...
Would be interesting to find out what happened to the original art for these masterpieces..shame I can't show any more until people send me some scans..thanks John for your two scans..number 2 being one of them..

Heres the poster you were talking about...see it at toonhound Fleetstreet. :)

With Bear Alley books taking off we might see some Ken Reid comic work collected together at last for us to marvel.

20 June 2009 19:10
John M. Gilheany said...
Ah yes! I should have that Summer Special somewhere: the creepy bus driver and freaked-out kids were a wonderful contrast and although the windows are half-open they'd clearly prefer to stay put!!!

20 June 2009 20:33
Rafiq Raja said...
Peter, that pull out poster where the word-wide weirdies of Ken Reid were used in a realistic setting was too good. Thanks to you, otherwise I wouldn't have know the artworks were used to feature a poster too :)


24 June 2009 07:57

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