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World-wide Weirdies Whoopee! 1974 where it all began..

1)12th October 1974

first one...thanks to Frazer from Toonhound.

2) 19th October 1974 thanks to John for the scan.

3) 26th October 1974

4) 2nd Novemeber 1974

5 Thanks to Mike Foxx for sprucing it up..
5) 9th Novemeber 1974

7) 23rd Novemeber 1974

8) 30th Novemeber 1974 Thanks Frazer.

9) 7th December 1974 Thanks Frazer.

10) 14th December 1974 Thanks Frazer.

11) 21st December 1974

28th December 1974 no Whoopee!! due to industrial action

Hi, continuing the subject of my today’s reply to the post about no Buster due to industrial action, I have now checked my WHOOPEE collection for 1978 and can confirm that the comic was not published for three weeks in the end of the year on 9th, 16th and 23rd December 1978. The clue is the uninterrupted storyline of the Wonder Car adventure strip in Whoopee issues dated 2nd December and 30th December 1978 hinting that there were no issues in between.

Other IPC titles also appear to have been affected in that period in 1978: Cheeky Weekly took a three-week break on Dec. 16th, 23rd and 30th, whereas Buster was 4 pages thinner than usual on 9th, 16th and 23rd December (or maybe the copies that I own don’t have middle pages; could someone please count pages in their copies and let me know?).

So far I have identified the following dates when there was no Whoopee:
28th Dec 1974
4th Jan 1975
11th Jan 1975
9th, 16th and 23rd December, 1978
17th, 24th, 31st May, 7th June, 1980
Plus one combined issue dated June 21/28, 1980

Could someone please check if there were any interruptions in 1979. Also, was Whoopee published on February 7, 1981?

please email me the World-Wide Weirdies to my email..lets complete this together here...

Rafiq Raja said...
Peter, What did the Whoopee magazine contained other than the World Wide Weirdies.... would love to see any sample cartoons featured in the inner pages....


11 April 2009 00:11
Peter Gray said...
I've put up a whole Whoopee!! number 1 comic up already on the blog..see the blog tabs on the left..

The Bumpkin Billionaires by Mike Lacey is my favourite..a real Whoopee!! classic..

11 April 2009 01:23
Rafiq Raja said...
Ooh la... I didn't even notice that you already posted the complet whopee no.1 issue already. Love them all.... can imagine what fantasy this title would have received when it was published first.

All are pretty new for me... Don't remember any of them featuring in India before. But the artwork and humor is all related to the other Valiant, or IPC titles famous in this part of the world.

Thanks to John for these 1974 World-wide Weidies///I like the crazy cactus!!

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Peter Gray said...

You asked "Also, was Whoopee published on February 7, 1981?"

Apparently, yes:

The lot went unsold so you may still be able to buy it.



Thanks Slinky