Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ken Reid's World Wide Weirdies 1975 Now Complete

Thanks to Mike Foxx for sprucing it it below..

4th January 1975
11th January 1975 No Whoopee!! due to industrial action

13) 25th January 1975

14) 1st February 1975

NEW 15th Feb 1975 Thanks to Bruce

17) 22nd February 1975

19) 8th March 1975

20) 15th March 1975

21) 22nd March 1975

37) 12th July 1975
The eyes are staring out of this one...due to the fact they are centered in the pupils.

42) 16th August 1975
Thanks for the scan Bruce..

43) 23rd August 1975

45) 6th September 1975
A very creepy windmill...Ken is great at drawing horrible menacing teeth!!

46) 13th September 1975

47) 20th September 1975

23) 5th April 1975

24) 12th April 1975
Thanks Bruce for the scan..

25) 19th April 1975 thanks to John.

29) 17th May 1975
Thanks to John for the scan..

31) 31st May 1975

34) 21st June 1975

35) 28th June 1975

NEW 19th July 1975 thanks to Bruce

48) 27th September 1975
The Isle of Wight this is based on.

49) 4th October 1975

50) 11th October 1975

51) 18th October 1975
Wookey hole caves...

52) 25th October 1975
A clever pun on a place name!!

53) 1st November 1975
This is really creepy...insects crawling around always get to me...shudder!!

54) 8th November 1975

55) 15th November 1975

56) 22nd November 1975

57) 29th November 1975

58) 6th December 1975
This is a very alive building..

59) 13th December 1975
Ken is super at drawing creepy spooky old trees...faces work well on them.

60) 20th December 1975

61) 27th December 1975

Thanks to mike Foxx for sprucing it up..

Anonymous said...
very unusual stuff, PETER; even by KEN'S ghoulish standards! I've already collected every single one of these onto disc....the 'pencil' one is the most untypical-ever REID entry in this field, I reckon.......he is still one of the all-time UK greats, however off-putting some of these images are.


16 April 2009 18:12

Steven Henderson said...
These are great Peter cheers for highlighting them!

27 April 2009 10:45

King Viswa said...

Liked the 1st One which is a Spook of Our Own Taj Majal.

The others are Equally interesting too.

Never ever heard about this Magazine, Until i Came across your Post.

King Viswa.
தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் உலகம்

9 April 2009 14:50
Peter Gray said...
Welcome to the weird world of Ken Reid...he was in another world..very strange stuff..

you made me smile about talking about India..its amazing to be able to talk to you from such a far away country...glad the British humour can travel..

Hi Peter, 
I've always enjoyed your blog, so I'm glad I can contribute in a small way. 
Aside from the Weirdies, there's a couple of other surprises you may appreciate. 

Here's a few Weirdies for you now though. 

From the January 18th through to February 8th 1974 issues, Whoopee come out in the smaller size with the better quality paper, hence the colours are much brighter. 

Some of your 1975 dates appear to be mixed up too.
19th April was the Gruesome Gondola, whilst 19 May was The Sahara Dessert. 

There was no Weirdies in the Whoopee issue dated 29th March 1975

Also, the "Scary Skyscraper" Weirdie you have on your 1974 page isn't from 1974 although I couldn't tell you the correct date.   

Brian Walker did a poster in place of World-wide Weirdies this week..

Robert Nixon shows he is also great at comic horror!!

Ken is great at this...loads of gruesome faces!!!

Thanks John...oh well the pictures are the main thing rather than dates...I've put yours up in the correct year...
Sorry the order isn't correct...


Raven said...

These are just great - especially Scarecastle Tunnel!

I lapped this stuff up as a kid. We IPC readers loved our assortment of gruesome ghoulies.

There should be a luxury coffee table book of World Wide Weirdies!

Peter Gray said...

People in America that go on about there own excellent comic artists would be amazed to read this coffee book on World Wide does really need more people to see of our greatest comic artists...