Thursday, 18 August 2011

World-wide Weirdies Whoopee! 1976

10th January 1976
Robert Nixon's Creepy Calendar....very different in style to Ken But I like to see the first part...when Ken Reid ended the series maybe Robert should of carried it on..Terry Bave did a good version called Imagine in Buster of the 90's. I do like these posters in comics and getting the reader involved.
Maybe The Beano could do a version!! Of course Ken Reid is the master!!

62) 17th January 1976
Back to Ken Reid :)

63) 24th January 1976

64) 31st January 1976

65) 7th February 1976
Love this one and the one below..

66) 14th February 1976

69) 6th March 1976

75) 17th April 1976
Thanks to Robbie in the comments it is The Fear-os of Alexandria

77) 1st May 1976

80) 22nd May 1976

85) 26th June 1976

96) 11th September 1976

103) 30th October 1976
Love the orange background showing through in the missing eye!!

104) 6th November 1976

110) 18th December 1976
I like this one very clever..

Robbie Moubert said...
Looks like it's "Fear-os" which would make sense as the Lighthouse at Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was on the island of Pharos.

28 April 2009 21:03
Peter Gray said...
That sounds right thanks Robbie..

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Anonymous said...

These are fantastic, Peter!

I'm saving the whole lot of 'em.

Thanks to yourself and other enthusiasts for showing these epic works.