Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ken Reid's World Wide Weirdies 1978

10th June 1978

29th April 1978

28th Jan 1978

27th May 1978

25th March 1978

25th Feb 1978

22nd April 1978

20th May 1978

18th March 1978

18th Feb 1978

15th April 1978

14th Jan 1978

13th May 1978

11th March 1978

11th Feb 1978

8th April 1978

6th May 1987

4th March 1978

1st April 1978

21st October 1978

14th October 1978

John Gilheany said...
Notice how every corner of these pictures beholds cold comfort - even the moon has a louche look about it!

What a series, and surprising it took so long for comics to receive sensible artistic consideration, given that Ken Reid set a standard in the early '70's which to many, remains unurpassed to this day.

18 December 2010 20:29

joe bloke said...

17 December 2010 20:06

John M. Gilheany said...
The Four Ghoster Bed is perhaps my favourite in the whole series: so intense! I tend to wonder what the bloke could have done to incur a visitation from that lot!

19 December 2010 17:44

Peter Gray said...
I agree I wouldn't want those posters on my wall.very creepy and from another world..they feel they are alive!!

19 December 2010 22:43

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