Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Reg Parlett's The Beaver's Patrol Knockout 1953.

I love the poster page as you know if you follow my blog..and Reg has done a great one here..your eye moves round in a zig zag..
He has filled the page and gives you so much to see and make you smile..he he he I do like the Girls boarding school good looking girls as the Beavers try to get there observers badge...maybe as a guess the page does a different badge each week..

Its a good feature in Cheeky comic instead of trying to disguise the reprint in the comic it is celebrated..I always prefer this in comics..Its funny that the Cheeky comic itself is now old and could be in a attic..Cheeky comic 1st April 1978.

Thanks to Phil Rushton for confirming it to me that it is Reg Parletts work..

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