Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Paddy Brennan's Willie Wilkin's Pobble The Dandy 1952.

This is a strange strip...the creatures really do look like they are from another world..mins you a kangaroo is pretty strange to look at as well if we weren't used to seeing it. Again the different angles of the kangroo in each panel is superbly done...as well as everything else. I wonder what John Row and Son was about? Is it based on a real shop?

Its so hard to read more of these strips due to the cost of early Dandys...But will definitely get some more when money comes my way again..what a gem!!

Thanks to Kashgar for the list of Paddy's work..see more info at the link..

Dandy Strips

Sir Solomon Snoozer, Rusty, Fighting Forkbeard, Willie Willikin's Pobble, The Galloping Glory Boys, Westward Ho! with Prince Charlie's Gold, Young Drake, Mickey's Tick-Tock Men, Crackaway Jack*, Turtle Boy, Robin Hood, Around the World in Eighty Days. Kashgar


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