Thursday, 11 February 2010

UPDATED ...George Martin's unusual comic gems

Topper 8th Dec 1973..Whistling Billy is new to me and Harry and William from Hoot comic 11th October 1986.
Its always great to find new characters by an artist you like

Its funny seeing Prince William and Harry as kids in this strip.they have grown up a lot since!!:)

Smart Art is from an early 60's Topper annual. Quiite a surreal strip.even the comic characters thoughts are not there own But drawn in by the artist..drawn by an artist...whoah!! Far out man!!:)

I found one examples of each while sorting through the new comics I've bought. George sure loved drawing policeman and also vehicles of different types..

George Martin

Though George drew Smart Art this is the version by Tom Bannister thanks to Andy and Lew for the correction.

The scan above is from Phil Rushton at comicsuk forum...thanks Phil..


Andy Boal said...

Smart Art is Tom Bannister as far as I can see...

Lew Stringer said...

Sorry Peter but I think you're mistaken. Smart Art looks distinctly Tom Bannister work, not George Martin's.

Rebecca Martin said...

I'm George Martin's Grandaughter. Its great that you've put these comics up on your blog. I hadn't seen many of the characters before.

I agree with Andy and Lew the last Smart Art comic is not Georges. Although the first Smart Art looks like it really could be his (he drew very distinctive elbows).

I'm trying to do some research on George at the moment - mainly a personal project - also I was thinking of putting my findings on a George Martin wikipedia page (the producer of the Beatles is all thats up there at the moment).

If you wouldn't mind me sharing some of your wealth of knowledge let me know.

thanks and love the blog,

Peter Gray said...

I look forward to what you write on your Grandad..
All the info I have on George is on this blog I don't know anything personally about him.

He was a top artist..his best work has to be Nick Kelly.

Glad you like the blog..

Anonymous said...

Smart Art, for my money, is one of the most original and underrated strips to appear in any of DCT's comics. As these guys know, he was drawn by various hands over the years, including George M, who is easily one of my favourite artists in comics, with 'The Hillys and the Billys' among his best strips. I'd think that enthusiast Ray Moore could help with detail on George's work - Ray's knowledge (and output) is encyclopaedic - Thanks - Melvin