Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Paddy Brennan's The Crackaway Twins The Dandy 1960

This has a real pace to it full of action and drama.
Those twins are terrible:) always getting into fights and trouble...poor Crackaway Jack!! :)

Rushing water is drawn really well and some nice breakaway panels bursting out of the frame. I also like the two rocks at the top of the waterfall which misleads you into thinking the canoe will get wedged up the top stopping it falling over..

I also like the villian of the Red Hood..
these characters always work when you don't see there face it adds to the mystery..
As this only has two colours its just as well he is the red hood and not the green hood!! Adventure strips often used the limited colours the comic was printed in..
The Red Wrecker.The Purple Cloud..for example..

To read please use the magnifying glass in the bottom corner of your computer to 150%
I'm using less memory for each image due to lack of space on this blog..using 75 resolution now..


Anonymous said...

does anyone know were I can buy the dandys with the ccrackaway twins in.?

Peter Gray said...

ebay 1960's Dandys are your best bet..

Also I use this shop