Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Scribbler's page by Terry Bave-Whizzer and Chips 1970

A fun idea where readers send in there scribble ideas for it to be turned into a story. I like this...a bit like Spoofer in Sparky suggesting a question. Mind yopu the puns throughout the page did make me cringe..maybe that is why it didn't last long..

Heres my Terry Bave website-


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed seeing very early 'WHIZZER and CHIPS' again [I did get this comic regularly in 1969-70, possibly later too.....it's been great revisiting many of these forgotten memories: do you mind if I add some of these images into the other site?


P.S. I have been trying for early-70s IPC comics on e-bay, but I've had more luck with late 60s BEANOS; late 60s/early 70s IPC seems to be popular at the moment....

Peter Gray said...

Put the whole lot up at the site...comicsuk can crash so be good to have a back up and your thoughts on the strip..
Also love the Brian Walker logo..on the Spy thread of yours..
Phil says we can use any images he puts up for blogs..other websites..as long as we mention his name..and source..

I've just won Buster and Monster Fun 10 issues so will be able to show the ghostly leg by Reg soon..:)

Anonymous said...

the I SPY thread is like my own mini-blog on COMICS UK, PETER! Your own thread on magazine covers seems long-lasting too: I will be incorporating other 1969 SPARKY characters into the 'I SPY' one soon, as 1969 is nearing an end......