Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Great Paddy Brennan

Incidentally this double-page spread from the 1969 Dandy Annual makes extensive use of one of Brennan's most recognizable trademarks whereby his characters' arms and legs are made to look three-dimensional with a black shadow running down the middle and lighter shading composed of parallel lines or cross-hatching along one side: if I'm ever unsure whether a strip is his work I always to look out for this distinctive technique.

- Phil Rushton

UPDATED for Raven..

He must of done loads of sketches out and about...he really got to know his subject matter...this is from 1970 7th Feb Dandy..

I love the different angles used in the strip..very clever...
the boy from Lilliput is from my Dandy comic August 19th 1972.

Isn't the talking ball just great..
love the fact the ball smashed up the cart and the dramatic final panel of a chase..
Lew another childhood object which is a bit menacing...
the pattern on the ball is great with lots of blacks..
also great use of angles...each picture different..the truck is shown in many different ways..a good feeling of speed..
I love it..
from October 1973 Dandy..

Beano book 1953.

Slave monkeys obviously they have not seen planet of the apes!!!

Paddy also drew General Jumbo..Jack Flash..Bird Boy for The Beano..
for The Topper he drew the Whizzers of Ozz..
His adventure stories are up there with Dudley D Watkins..


Raven said...

I think his Island of Monsters for the Dandy comic and Books circa 1969/1970 is my favourite of his.

Peter Gray said...

Hi Raven
I've added your favourite of Paddy's..

What a good strip it is as well..
Must get hold of some more 1970's Dandys to see The Island of Monsters..

Raven said...

Thanks! That's the first time I've seen that one.

I'd recommend you look out for the Dandy Books 1969 and 1970 - these have, respectively, 9 and 12 page Island of Monsters strips. The 1970 one is especially nice with giant seagulls, beetles, grasshoppers and bees.

Rob Davis said...

Paddy Brennan - what a star! Brilliant artwork. And Raven is right, Island of the Monsters is wonderful. Thanks for posting these.