Thursday, 26 March 2009

Black Bob with the missing panel!

UPDATE due to comments on this post The Dandy 7th June 1952 with Jack's drawing on the first page.

The Dandy 27th Feb 1960.

The Dandy 19th May 1979. Look at panel 5!!!
Its a real treat finding this...lovely brick work and how small and helpless the master Glenn looks.

As you can see there is a new panel in the reprint of 1979. Showing the master down the well. This version also has different text..more simpler than the 1960's. Also it is shown over the top of the drawing..which is a shame has some of the drawing is obscured.

Black Bob was first shown in The Weekly News before it was printed in The Dandy. A panel was taken out as the newspaper was larger than the Dandy...the panel missing didn't spoil the story.

I hope one day D.C Thomson will produce a complete Black Bob book from the original Weekly New all complete.
Jack Prout art deserves it.


King Viswa said...

Hi Peter,

Has this story appeared in any other language other than English?

Apart from the strip wise stories, has there been any stories with a single panel per page and stories explained in words alone instead of fully being in pictures?

Why am asking is, As a Hard Core ComiRade i do collect almost all sorts of comics that has got published in Tamil and my current passion is to find out the original issues of those wonderful comics that got printed in Tamil.

I Came across Black Bob in tamil in the Name Sheela in a Children's Magazine (Now stopped publishing) called Poonthalir. if you want, i will send the scans of that to you so that you can confirm the same.

Has this been inspired by Lassi?

Thanks & Regards,
King Viswa.
தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் உலகம்

Peter Gray said...

It would be great to see an example..
my email is

very intriguing..

I think Black Bob is its own character and very different to Lassie..
A Shepherd (farmer) and his sheep dog is a very British thing..and still used today.

Peter Gray said...

We are talking about this at comicsuk forum..under the Dandy..

-Kashgar Post subject: Re: Dandy adventure stories what year they were in..Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:10 am

If I'm understanding this correctly then the original Black Bob text stories as they appeared in the Dandy comic 1944-1955 would fit the bill as being totally told in words with the addition of only one illustration. It certainly would be interesting to see examples of the version in Tamil.

King Viswa said...


Give me a day or two a am travelling and will be back by sunday to my home. As soon as land there, the first thing will be to scan those tamil pages and send to you.

thanks for the reply.

King Viswa.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks look forward to the scans when you've got time..hope your trip went must have some great stories..and photos..

King Viswa said...


Just now sent the mail to your mail id given in the contacts part of your profile.

Check it out.
King Viswa.