Friday, 20 March 2009

Buytonic boy ..has you've never seen him...

Hi, love the blog - a great bit of nostalgia! My great uncle (God rest his soul) worked for a printers which printed Fleetway comics; every couple of months he would give my grandad a stack of comics to give to me and my childhood was filled with British kids humour.

I wondered if you could help me in tracing the origins of a particular strip starring "The 12 1/2p Buytonic Boy". It appeared, I think, in one of the Krazy annuals (1982?) and featured crazy eye-catching artwork (very different from the character's regular artists, the fantastic Robert Nixon & Brian Walker). The strip was possibly drawn Ian Knox, I remember the style being alot how you have described his work..."exaggerated human and animal figures...bodies, legs and faces...all out of proportion in funny ways".

Any help you can give in locating this story will be greatly appricated - thanks for your time, Dean.

Found in the Krazy annual 1982 and its not a ghosting of Robert Nixon style at all..
Quite a zany style and like the many spys with dark glasses scattered about...even a spy bird..

Russell can ghost an artist see my other post...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these scans they're great! There really was alot going on in the artwork for this story. Apparently Russell did another Buytonic strip in the 1981 KRAZY Holiday Special, so I'll be on the hunt for that as well as the '82 annual. - Cheers, Dean.