Friday, 13 March 2009

The Power comics 1960's title panels

A nice fun one...don't know if this one was different every week...I don't have many Power comics due to the expense and not from that era.

Mike Higgs drew different title panels with the characters who are in this weeks story.

Nice misty sets up the tone of the strip.

Leo Baxendale did some very busy mastheads...fab stuff...teachers smoke making the letters was funny..and the great fights in The Swots and the Blots.

Wacker had a different panel each week..

Lovely title panels...great lettering as it creeps arounds

Ken Reid did some wonderful title panels..the Frankie one with the eyeball is creepy..and the Nervs crawling all over him and drilling his nose!!

See some Dandy adventure pages uploaded by me at comicsuk forum...


Anonymous said...

I agree that these ODHAMS comics are a bit expensive, PETER, which is why I only have a couple of examples...I would love to have a load more of these titles, but they seem to be really in-demand, with LEO, KEN REID and MIKE HIGGS issues being especially sought-after. I do hope I can obtain more at some point, however.


Paul Ware said...

Hi Peter. Hope you won't mind a slightly self-serving comment here but I'm pushing my Power comics fanzine "reviews from the floor of 64". Anyone interested can get the latest ish from eBay. It deals with Fantastic and Terrific, the Marvel-dominated comics in the range. Anyone wanting to chat about the other comics is very welcome and my contact details are in each ish. Best regards, Paul Ware.