Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Whizzer and chips with Scouse mouse!!!!

Whizzer and chips was quietly joined by one last comic after Whoopee..Krazy..Knockout had done before...this was Scouse Mouse!!

Scouse Mouse was a comic/mag in the 80's. Sadly I can't find any covers of this comic to show here unless anyone can help!!

This title only seems to have appeared once..the following week it was called Whizzer and chips again. Only one character joined..Scouse Mouse see below.
The cover is drawn by Jim Hanson who includes in the cover the characters Scouse mouse plus the parrot.

Anyone any idea who drew this?


NP said...

Scouse Mouse was drawn by George Nicholas, Julie Evans and Nigel Parkinson, all three having a hand in some strips, though often one of us would draw it solo. It also ran as a newspapaer strip from 1986 to 1997. The six Fleetway issues of Scouse Mouse were published in 1988/9 before amalgamated into Whizzer and Chips.

NP said...

Two strips joined from Scouse Mouse, "Fido Fax" and "The Scallywags."

Peter Gray said...

thanks for the info Nigel..I'll look for the other strips you mentioned in Whizzer and chips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - there's hardly any info about Scouse Mouse, but I remember being really into it. I think Scouse Mouse started off (or later merged with) a comic simply called 'Ace'. I have a strong memory of the comic cover, which suggests I may have a copy somewhere stored in my parents garage...

George Shiers said...

I have 29 stories of scouse mouse, should I scan them in and post them somewhere? George

Peter Gray said...

Best not to..a taster of Scouse online is fine ..see more at Nigel Parkinson's blog..

george nicholas said...

Hi There, This is George Nicholas, the owner inventor of SCOUSE MOUSE,THE WEREBEARS, and BUDGIE MALONE &OWL CAPONE from the WANTED COMIC, Etc, Please get in touch if you need any comics,artwork,info etc.I have somw very old original stuff here inc, the ACE comic!
Cheers ,George.

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