Wednesday, 3 December 2008

MTG Whizzer and chips artist-The Drips and The Gnomes

You can really feel the dampness...nice spotty shading...also lots of fun details..

Whizzer and chips 1983-84.

What did M.T.G stand for? What was his name?

Thanks to Bristle
it stands for Michael (T) Green.


Anonymous said...

I just consulted my invaluable Encyclopedia of Comic Characters (Denis Gifford), and checked through the index for surnames ending in either 'T' or 'G', and found what I think is the right answer:

Michael (T) Green.

He also drew 'Penny Dreadful' in Wow, and 'Snip And Snap' in Sparky.

Peter Gray said...

thanks for the info and other characters he drew.

Anonymous said...

I've scanned and uploaded pics of the two entries in question:

John Gilheany said...

I used to feel for that guy in the damp house...he just didn't quite deserve such a scenario!

Peter Gray said...

I was cruel...he looked very fed up...always dripping on his bald head...brrr!!