Friday, 5 December 2008

Reg Parlett is great at drawing hands...

I am no Parlett expert (though would happily become one!) so take this with a pinch of salt, but as soon as I saw that horse I was shocked. RP's work stands out because he NEVER (to my limited knowledge) drew a character that looked wooden, or looked the same in two frames running. That is what mere mortal artists have to do, not our Reg. tolworthy

This advice from comicsuk forum I've found invaluable.

mind you horses are hard to draw...:)

Now here is Reg's work in the same comic Shiver and Shake 1973.
Reg is amazing!!!
The piano is shown from every different angle...even the back view!!!
The spooky hand is also different each the way it runs along on its fingers..

The difference between the two...
Reg's work is soo 3D!!
Wonderful variety.

Try and put it into your own comic page drawing.


Anonymous said...

Horses are not as hard to draw as hands!

Peter Gray said...

Hi Steven I've added your blog to my blog list on the side of my blog...
love the photos of the Beano/Dandy 70 years exhibition which I also saw..

Anonymous said...

It was a good exhibit were you there for the talks and that? cheers for adding my blog

Peter Gray said...

I went to the London one...though not on the day to meet the artists sadly..

Really loved it...seeing lots of original comic art from all ages..