Thursday, 11 December 2008

Russell Brooke and more Michael (T) Green

From Whizzer and chips annuals..this one 1989.

Wow! 19th March 1983 number 42...signed in bottom corner MTG which got cut off on my scanner..doh!! It shows how hard it is to see the difference between Russell and Michael.
See below..

the next two from Russell Brooke...

From Christmas...Wow! early 80's.

Heres the one drawn by Mike Lacey!

A few comments to help clear up the artist details on Penny Dreadful from Wow.
Penny Dreadful appeared in all 56 editions of Wow 5/6/82-25/6/83 and Mike Green did indeed draw the strip and signed them with his monogram MTG but this was only in 22 of the 56 issues, including the last 19.
In fact Denis Gifford, in his Encyclopaedia of Comic Characters, lists Mike Green as the artist and uses one of his illustrations, complete with signature, as proof and maybe it is this piece of 'proof', which is true only as far as it goes, that has helped to cause the confusion here as the art example of Penny Dreadful under examination here is not one of those drawn by Mike Green.
This artist drew all but one of the other 34 Penny Dreadful strips that appeared in Wow ( Mike Lacey drew the strip in issue No 1) and while I can see why both Bob Dewar and Dave Mostyn ( who did actually draw KBR - Kids Band Radio for Wow strangely enough) have been mentioned I myself think the artist may be Russell Brooke, who dabbled with comic strip work in the early 1980's before he turned to animation full-time.

Thanks Kashgar for the info!!

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