Thursday, 19 April 2012

Original art- Jack Edward Oliver's Cliff Hanger Star (Wars) Warts!

I love looking at my original art so worth the money...I also have a original art of Tom Thug by Lew and I constantly looking at it on my wall so I recommend it to you all to buy one of a favourite artist..

This is my new purchase and at over £30 it was well worth it from ebay..
This is amazing as Jack drew this actual size rather than twice as big..also he drew it on normal paper rather than thick card..Jack said it was to save postage..Jack did like to save money as much as possible...he also told me he saved pen ink drawing small:)

In the first panel I've been trying to work out this...I'm stuck..
On the shuttle it says syad seuth si loba
I worked out two words first is backwards Days and the small word is--is
can anyone work this out...Jack loved puzzles..

Jack drew so neat I couldn't see any whitening...

Also pleased the small three panels different endings are also wtth the piece..also look at all the monsters in panel much thought and work went into this..

I'm glad I can call Jack a friend and I really miss him even now..glad to go to his Wedding and he and Liz went to my Wedding party 2005. Also had a good long chat with him at his house talking about many things and enjoyed his company and his beans on toast:)

That last one has my name upside down made to look like numbers on Cliff's jumper..brilliant..
I also have a original Fresco comic strip which has in the first panel about Carol and I getting was reused the strip as Charles and Camilla getting married..

All of these are on my wall...thanks Jack they do make me smile..

Thanks to George!!! for the idea for this post..also for helping me turn off the lightbox feature on blogger so now you can click on my images and they get bigger rather than a small slideshow..
Hope everyone else can turn off this lightbox feature..unless your images are small anyway..


George Shiers said...

Thanks for posting this - nice cross-over!

Maybe I should buy some Tom Paterson artwork? :)

George Shiers said...

Is it ok if I add it into my post? (Jack's biography)?

Peter Gray said...

Thats Ok George..
good idea getting a Tom Paterson original...I would like to do that one day myself..

Niblet said...

The backwards phrase is Jack's famous 'Abolish Tuesdays' :)

Peter Gray said...

Doh! its so obvious now..

He was so good at doing puzzles..

you can see my name Pete upside down on Cliff Hanger's jumper..when it looks like a few numbers...

xLoisx said...

Wowee, a personalised JEO! Hes one of my favourite artists. There is currently a Cliff Hanger artwork on Ebay for only £30. Thanks for the great post.