Thursday, 26 April 2012

I thought Terry Bave drew all the Odd Ball strips in Whizzer and chips!!

Whizzer and chip's 1970
From the few 1970 issues I have it looks a little bit like Tony Goffe's work but I'm not sure. Lew Stringer from comicsuk forum

Terry Bave created the character But only started drawing Odd ball in 1973 quite a few years later. So Wiki and other websites/blogs need to update there info. 

Odd Ball in these strips stayed more a ball shape But grew arms and legs. Also the strip and drawing has a childlike quality. Note Odd Ball has a policeman staying the shape of a ball! 

UPDATE Can anyone help and tell me who the artist is?

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Lew Stringer said...

Now I've seen more of it I don't think this is Tony Goffe's work now Peter. It doesn't look accomplished enough. It may have been by an artist who didn't stay in comics for long perhaps?

The first Odd-Ball strips were drawn by Mike Lacey by the way.