Monday, 23 April 2012

The first Odd Ball in Whizzer and chips number 1 1969

This strip isn't drawn by Terry Bave ..that came a few years later..which I'm sure many of us have made that mistake! Though Terry and his wife Shelia did create the character...the same with Chalky But didn't draw it.
Terry started drawing it in 1973. Terry had loads to draw in Whizzer and chips already!!

This character like Slippy and Shiner (Shiner arrived in issue 2!) appeared right throughout Whizzer and chips and making into the merger of Buster so an important strips.

Many of us loved Odd Ball and it being able to transform into things was better as a ball which every kid had and could relate to..Box a tricks..a box which did many things from a box which was independent didn't have the connection. Maybe its the face on the ball which gave it personality and fun. Box a tricks had no face and it was very mechanicial and felt dangerous. Maybe its an unfair comparison but I'm showing why Odd Ball was a big hit with kids.

Who was the first artist on Odd Ball can anyone help?
Thanks Andy its Mike Lacey...But who drew it after before Terry bave took over..I'll show example soon..

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Andy Boal said...

George Shiers correctly identified it as Mike Lacey on his W&C blog. Obvious once you've been told :)