Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter from Whizzer and chips 1981!!

I always liked the colouring and pattern of Slippy..also clever how Mike Lacey drew the underbelly in panel 3..also panel 4 looks very complicated to draw...
I'm so glad i was in the era to enjoy Whizzer and chips what a top fun comic..
Jack Edward Oliver's The Champ also sharing the cover..

The panels are nicely balanced on the page even though they are whacky shapesand Sid Burgon sure didn't just draw rectangle boxes...I like how characters are outside the panel...

Some awful puns by Odd Ball..Terry Bave did some great popular strips..

Is that against human rights for the captured villain!!;) A lot of artists in this comic sure did some unusual panels...Robert Nixon is known for it..he has a great 3D style very solid looking characters..

A lovely spring poster...Gordon Hill..I like posters with a bit of thought into them..

The stories were quite clever..

Reg Parlett in top form...lets hope those toys stay toys!!

Have a wet Bank holiday:)

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George Shiers said...

Yey! Whizzer and Chips is my favourite comic - but I don't think I have that issue - cheers for posting it!