Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tom Bannister's amazing comic work for DC Thomson

Desert Island Dick and Olly its amazing how these writers kept these Topper stars fresh for so many years..

The Mother looks very like Pop in a wig!! No wonder they had twins!
Here are two of the best and funniest comic strips by Tom from the Beezer...
Pop Dick and Harry not forgetting Towser!
and Colonal Blink, Aunty and Rover..

Great use of the large format...a great looking down shot in that last panel..

I love how the horse Pedro is a character in his own right in Figaro..Tom often used this device to good effect..

Al Change the last new character by Tom in the now smaller size Topper..a very interesting concept..done in the safety of a comic rather than real life!

Beano Book 1962 the inside book front and back covers..

The only time Tom drew for The Beano..

Heres where the pet which Tom is great at drawing took centre stage..
I love how he sometimes draws his characters talking to the reader..

See at comicsuk forum Rays great piece on Tom from The Comic Journal. thanks to Phoenix.
Also at the same post is some nice scans showing Tom putting his name and a likeness..wonder if he did have that kind of beard? thanks to Niblet!

Ray is and hopefully resuming later doing a post on the top 100 strips in Topper and Beezer showing which character had the most appearances...


Tom's work is well worth looking at again..it has a new perspective reading it as an adult..it really reached different ages his strip..


Andy Boal said...

The Funtastic story was drawn by Murray Ball, and the Beryl was actually drawn by Bob McGrath - sorry!

Peter Gray said...

I'll delete those two strips and may use it for another post...thanks for the help Andy..