Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Faceache in India!!

His new name is called Palamuga Mannan Joe which means ’The Multi-faced Joe’

See link to read and see more..

Thanks to paw broon from Comicsuk forum for the heads up..



Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for the Rope-in, Pete. Good to see an article from our page, getting featured on your blog.

Faceache was so popular during its run in India, in Tamil, was that it was sometimes, even locally drawn by the artists, obviously without any proper copyright.

We loved the character, until its end of run in India.

One question, I can see three different art styles during its run, including the most famous Ken Reid, and his successor Frank McDiarmid. Could you highlight who was the 3rd one ?

Peter Gray said...

Those two artists are the main ones......I don't know of a third artist..
other than ghost artists in summer specials..

Captain Storm said...

Very interesting Rafiq...do you have any other examples of famous strips being ghosted ( whether legally or not )by Indian Artists? Fascinating ; almost like a fan art effort!


The Cap.