Thursday, 17 March 2011

UPDATED! Happy 60th Dennis the Menace!!

David Parkins did a lovely bold style of Dennis and Gnasher..its a shame he couldn't draw more as he was very good..

A very early Dennis from The Beano book 1954

A nice one by David Sutherland..

This is the annual I bought at a jumble sell at Northmead middle school Stoughton Road Guildford...I was first in line and ran to the book section (I loved old comics even then)and got this gem...this is where I discovered David Law's Dennis...what a effect it had on me..Dennis was less happy for a start unless he was causing bother trouble...the art work was more darker..quickly drawn But full of life..

Gordon Bells take on Dennis...he also had a bit of Davy Law in his take on Dennis..

Nigel does a great Dennis in this has lots of energy!!

I love this long tiger story which Tom drew each week..

A nice strong cover by Jim Hanson

A nice 80's Beano..
My era of Dennis when he didn't have teeth:)
Love David Sutherlands take on Dennis the Menace and I think the best artist to draw Gnasher..

I've changed my bear picture..after my Mum said what was wrong with it...which I is the new changes I've made and it looks a lot better..

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Steven Hartley said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Dennis - if you aged since 1951 - you'd have a senior's citizen.

Well done Dennis, your years of 'menacing' has entertained us all these years!