Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Baby Boomer blog has started..

Great news Spy (Rab Smith my internet day we will meet up!) has started a blog all about his super comic strip Baby Boomer which I've mentioned on here before..

It has a great 30's/40's New York feel..good gags..and very Betty to catch up on the rest of the blog posts..

Any new posts will show up here on the left on my blog list..or become a follower yourself..


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement, Peter! That's the first time you ever called me 'Rab Smith' by the way! You still can call me 'SPY' if you like though!

Great fun creating a blog at last, with lots of new material on the way.

I've aso added your blog to my 'following' list: dunno why I never done this years ago!

Many thanks for spreading the word!


Peter Gray said...

I've changed your label to include in brackets your real name..Rab Smith..Rab sound so unusual for us in I'll try and use Rab now and again mixed in with Spy..the only other Rab I know and I've never watched is Rab Nesbitt!!

Its bit like Kashgar...its such an interesting nickname..its hard not to use it..which is of course his real name is Ray Moore comic historian.