Friday, 16 April 2010

Mike Western's Partridge's Patch from Jet comic

I got this from Buster Holiday Fun Special 1978. I don't know the artist But this is a reprint from Jet comic early 70's..unless this is never been in Jet and was a left over?

I like the Counry Policeman and dog getting the better of the Townie Policeman...also the reader participation in solving the case.

A delightful strip maybe it should of carried on in Buster.:)


Lew Stringer said...

Hi Peter, The artwork for that strip is by Mike Western.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks Lew i'd thought it was..:)

A first for my blog..a Mike Western piece..

Paddy Brown said...

Hi Peter. Accroding to "Judge Dredd: The Mega-History" by Colin Jarman and Peter Acton, Partridge's Patch in Jet was an early strip written by John Wagner and Pat Mills. An early collaboration between the creators of Darkie's Mob!

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the extra info Paddy..