Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ian Knox's 6 Million Dollar Gran to Robot Gran and lastly Gran's Gang..

When the robot lands on his tummy who didn't feel that!!! Kerr-rrump!!

22nd October 1977
Cheeky Weekly comic number 1

25th April 1981
Whoopee and Cheeky

Check out those animal heads on the wall very weird looking..also love the way Ian draws egg and chips!!

13th November 1982

2nd July 1983
Whoopee welcomes Wow for the first time..

9th July 1983
Whoopee and Wow

I recently got hold of Cheeky number 1 and what a treat to see the first episode of how it all started..Gran sure looks weird as a robot..
Of course its loosely based on the 6 Million Dollar Man/Woman from the 70's telly program...
In the 80's the strip got changed to Robot Gran as the program wasn't shown anymore..
Also Gran got a new job as a Nanny looking after a group of children.this is my era in reading this strip..the kids are very strange looking especially the gorilla type tattoed girl one!!!!!

When Whoopee and Wow came together the strip got reduced to one page..shame..also now called Gran's Gang a kind of oldies v's the newies..what is interesting is Gran seems like a real human no more robot antics...she is real! It would make Pinocchio proud..

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