Sunday, 7 March 2010

More 80's Weetabix drawn adverts from Whoopee comic..

Don't these just capture the 80's..
BMX..early computers..Choos your own adventures (which I loved and collect today..)


Andy said...

I remember me and my flatmates, all twenty-somethings, collecting the WeetOlympix stickers circa 1987, and sticking them all over the kitchen cupboards... It took us ages to get Bixie!

Andy said...

The WeetOlympix stickers have "copyright 1984" printed on them, but that's to do with the characters (who are copyrighted to various 1980s years from 1983 onwards), not the actual stickers. The stickers are from 1987/1988 and were designed in the run-up to the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

David said...

The Weetabix artworks you show, were drawn by myself (amongst many others ) for the Ad. agency Allen Brady and Marsh. I produced illustrations for all sorts of media including cereal packs, kids' comics, posters, ad shells on bus shelters, badges, novelties and all types of promotional items over nearly 4 years. I also produced a Weetabix 'bible' showing exactly how to draw all the characters. Someone else carried on after me but the agency soon dropped the characters altogether - pity.

Peter Gray said...

hi David

I like your Weetabix adverts what other famous adverts did you draw and what comic characters for comics did you draw? whats your surname?