Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Robin Gray's Art slideshow by my Clumsy Colin Skips crisps Buster 1985..

My Dad when he was alive did loads of amazing art and drawings see the examples above..I'm very sorry his work wasn't recognised at the time and should of got people buying his work or prints..he was starting to sell a few prints with encouragment from me But died suddenly from Cancer..
He was a Graphic Designer most of his life and drew art in his spare time for pleasure..which give me pleasure and inspiration today..partly why I'm drawing animals today which I would of loved to be able to show Dad..and have been a bigger success then my cartoons at craft fairs I do..
To see Dad's Art slideshow please send me a email and I'll give you the Kodak photos will be impressed..

I loved Skips as a kid..still do..though the flavour has changed a lot over the years..they have got rid of lots of E numbers and made it healthy..

I liked Clumsy Colin and its always nice when a product has a character to go with it..
The comic page looks like it was done by Robert Nixon? just before he left to DC Thomson.

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Andy said...

I think your Dad's work is great - I particularly like the house and pub scenes - a really homely atmosphere in one (I feel I could walk into that house and make a pot of tea), and some fun character detail in the other.