Monday, 8 March 2010

Graham Exton writes his first Sweeny Toddler in Judge Dredd style!!

A real classic Sweeny Toddler Whoopee cover.also nice logo of Whoopee done in the 2000AD cover.

How come you ended up with Sweeny - I assume you worked
closely with Tom Paterson on this?

I thought it would be amusing to have Sweeny dress up as Judge Dredd
and shout, “Me IS the Law!” so I did a script with him on the cover doing
just that. I sent it to IPC and Mark Rodgers (him again!) happened to be in
the office at the time. Bob Paynter was taken with the Sweeny idea, and was
showing it to his pals, saying, “Look what Tom did!” Mark recognised the style
and pointed out that I did it, so they then offered me Sweeny on a full-time
basis. I don’t know who was doing it before then. I was very happy to get the
cover and the best character. Sadly, I don’t know Tom Paterson at all!
The scripts were sent to IPC, and then on to Tom, who did his wonderful
stuff. As we are both Baxendale fans, it wasn’t hard to keep everything
consistent with the Sweeny style. A lot of writers and artists must have
shared the feeling of tossing work out into a void, then seeing it in print a
month or so later. It was very strange.

Read the rest of the interview at toonhound..

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