Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Triffik! comic 1992 part 2

The comic never was very good...I think the fact I own 4 comics of it and hadn't read all of it..just sums it up. The logo was awful!

Nice paper and colour though!

Other characters were Cap'n Byrd Jumble Explorer
Georgies Giants football strip
Gizmo Gobbins with his anorak of thousand secrets!
Bodger Bennett the Schoolboy Entrepreneur (what does that mean to a kid?)
Buster case P.I Hes a waste of space! a detective comic page Wonder where the name Buster came from!!!
The Dinoswords Renegade Reptiles with an attitude
Angry Angus He loves a good moan on the phone! what a title!!!!
Staff room (teachers in a Staff room...hey School Fun did that in Teachers Unitie)
Frank the Plank He's moron a bit thick
Hannah Hacker and her magic adventures (girl inside computer fighting games)

So there you are.......if you want to see any of the ones I've mentioned...just add a comment and I'll upload it here...


Anonymous said...

I used to read this! I have every issue somewhere. Recently remembered it and tried to find out more info online, and found this blog! Which may be all there is out there in the whole internet about this comic!

Anonymous said...

i just found my TRIFFIK first issue and it's in great shape