Monday, 28 January 2008

Tom Paterson- Wet Blanket and Laughing Planet

I did a Tom Paterson fansite a while ago. But since then I've discovered more of his work. From the early Oink comic 1986 a great strip Wet Blanket Master of Misery! Just like Tom's other character from The Dandy Hyde and Shriek where ever he walks he leaves a trail of fungi the Wet Blanket leaves a trail of dampness. Love the background the various little Nickets. :)

The laughing Planet another newish discovery for me. I liked it so much I bought the whole of 1991 Dandy comics from ebay. Love the big posters Tom did. See the Laughing Planet in the new Beano and Dandy 70 years book Crazy about creatures.

Tom is at his best in black and white before the comic went all colour. There was more zany detail and jokes squeezed into each panel.

I like many comic artists. But Tom has to be the best(and Leo Baxendale ..Jack Edward Oliver..Dudley..etc its hard to have one favourite..). I'm trying to collect all his work from the 80's to early 90's which is his best work. Though still very good now on Minnie in The Beano. Though prefer his work with loads of witty background details and more zany plots like these.

Here the website I did showing more of Tom's comic work.

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