Saturday, 19 January 2008

Challenge Charlie drawn by Frank Mc Diarmid

From Valiant and Lion came a character called Challenge Charlie drawn by Frank Mc Diarmid (Boy Boss, Cheeky)
This was based on Dare a day Davy
which had originally been drawn by Ken Reid in Pow comic mid 60's.
See my fansite on Ken here

The character was now IPC who took over from Odhams Press in 1968. Though now different name and artist.

Ken's original version of
Dare a day Davy is even more extreem with very black humour! But it is nice to see the character continuing drawn by Frank.

See Frank's work and what he is doing now...


spyguy said...

FRANK MCDEARMID was a really good KEN REID 'ghoster, first, glance, I honestly thought that this was KEN'S work.........FRANK also ghosted 'DANDY'S ' 'BIGHEAD and THICKHEAD' after KEN left to work at ODHAMS with LEO BAXENDALE.

Peter Gray said...

I really thought it was Ken's work as well on Bighead and Thickhead in the later it just shows he did his job. He also drew My Home town page late 60's in The Dandy which the reader sends in.
I'll will be showing more of Franks work another time.
Thanks for your comments...

spyguy said...

FRANK MCDIARMID also contributed 2 other very 'cartoony' strips for IPC in the early 70s: 'CRUNCHER' [about an extremely ravenous termite] ---also, 'LUNCHEON VULTURE' [possibly from 'WHOOPEE!']------these strips were very stark, but stylishly-drawn.